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Concentrated Creations: Hashing Things Out with Sam Nobel of Axiom Hash (S4-EP1)

September 09, 2021 RJ Falcioni Season 4 Episode 1
I'm with RJ
Concentrated Creations: Hashing Things Out with Sam Nobel of Axiom Hash (S4-EP1)
Show Notes

Welcome back to another season of the I’m With RJ podcast! This week, join RJ Falcioni for Episode 1 of Season 4, featuring Sam Nobel of Axiom Hash. 

On this episode, we’re talking about all things hashish with the founder of Axiom, a Los Angeles-based California cannabis company that recently won top prize at Kushstock 2021. 

From his roots in Iran and Israel, Sam has brought the Middle Eastern tradition of using hashish and cannabis to celebrate life to California through his extensive career in the medical and adult use markets. 

Since the passing of California's Adult Use Recreational laws, Nobel has established Axiom as a manufacturer at the forefront of hash product research and development and despite his growing success, Nobel is quick to point out the is a student of the many hash masters including the late Frenchy Cannoli, to whom Nobel gives immense credit and respect throughout the episode. 

Nobel and his team have launched a number of products ranging from a so-called "Flower Bomb" to the impressive hash wrap which is a preroll that replaces the paper with several grams of potent hashish.

RJ and Sam also discuss how Axiom puts a strong emphasis on healthy consumption of cannabis products and the importance of finding new ways of increasing both popularity and accessibility of healthier and more healing-focused sku's. 

Nobel's approach is unconventional but the success Axiom is finding in the California market is proving Sam's approach is effective and one to take note of. 

If all this exciting talk about interesting ways to consume cannabis has caught your attention, sit back, relax, take hit from your favorite bong and join us for a captivating and enlightening episode of the I'm with RJ Show featuring our guest Sam Nobel of Axiom Hash!

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