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Confidently Consumed: Ben Koppel of Loos (S4-E5)

November 01, 2021 RJ Falcioni, Ben Koppel Season 4 Episode 5
I'm with RJ
Confidently Consumed: Ben Koppel of Loos (S4-E5)
Show Notes

Join RJ & Claire for another stellar conversation and this time the duo are Live from Las Vegas!

As part of I'm with RJ's special MJ Unpacked coverage, join us as we get to know Ben Koppel, co-founder of Loos, a California-based beverage company.

Born at the beach in Santa Cruz, Ben Koppel and business partner Anthony Bendana  created Loos, a 2 oz  - 100 milligram cannabis shot with the cannabis confident in mind.

Now a part of Terry Booth's Audacious, Loos is prepared for some exciting growth in 2022 as the conversation details. 

Despite its short run time, the interview also dives into Ben's time at 710Labs and Plus Products, the oversaturation of cannabis gummy market, the need for competition, the value of collaboration and the major marketing mistake most corporate cannabis companies are making right now.  

It's fair to say Ben knows a thing or two about cannabis CPGs and the interplay between RJ, Claire and Ben is unmistakable gold.  

Join RJ & Claire Live! from Las Vegas as the show says hello to Ben Koppel from Loos Beverages.  

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